Make Your Own Kombucha and Jun at Home!


Are you wanting to try adding fermented foods into your diet? Kombucha is a great way to start. Known as a gateway food to a healthy life style, kombucha is easy to make, tasty and refreshing.

Junita Lapp, of Lapp It Up Kombucha will teach you how to make your own kombucha and jun (kombucha made with honey), sample a variety of different flavors, and learn about a few things that kombucha may do for you. This class will teach you the basics about home brewing and it’s benefits and you will go home with a choice of your own kombucha or jun scoby to begin your journey into the exciting world of fermented foods.

For this class, participants will be going home with their choice of a jun or kombucha SCOBY with which they can then start brewing at home.

Class fee is $35.  Space is limited so please register through paypal below.

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