Our Story – Shared Resources for People Like Us!

We want to provide a space for people like us.

I own my own company, Columbus Publishing Lab, and we have a small farm, Spacious Hill Farm.  When we moved to Zanesville in the spring of 2015, we needed a place to run our businesses.  As we looked around at different properties, it made sense to get a larger space where we  could share our resources with others, and help people on a similar journey.

Starting a business is hard.  Whether you want to be an artist, a freelance web developer, or the next Steve Jobs, it’s tough.  There are taxes and regulations.  There’s health care.  There’s loneliness.

When we decided we didn’t want to work for corporate American any longer and would rather start our own businesses, we learned a lot. Which is to say that we made a lot of costly mistakes.

Our mission now is to provide the resources we wish we had when we started our businesses back in 2009.  What if someone had let me work out of their office (out of the house and away from the kids) for just $100 a month?  What if I could get lunch with somebody who had messed up their taxes a few times and learned their lessons? What if instead of working in a coffee shop by myself all the time with my headphones on, there were other people around?

So The Narrows is a start.  We’re still learning lessons, and we definitely don’t have it all figured out.  But it’s some of the things I wish we had when we were starting to do our own thing.

Whether you’re an artist, or a freelancer, or a start-up business, we’d love to work alongside you, we’d love to share resources and knowledge. Frankly, we’d love to hang out.  I honestly believe that if more people work creatively, and do their own thing instead of slogging away at jobs they hate, the world will be a better place.

So here’s to a better world.  Here’s to learning from each other’s mistakes.  Here’s to creating something together, or at least in the same room.

-Brad Pauquette (with Melissa’s blessing)